Still Young! Still Angry!

by Unregenerate Blood

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Beijing hardcore band Unregenerate Blood's 2nd album <Still Young! Still Angry!>.


released July 1, 2017

Voc - Li You
Guitar - Chen Hao
Guitar - Li Chao
Bass - Li Yang
Drums - Wu Gang

Record and Engineer by Li Chao.



all rights reserved


Real Deal Records Beijing, China

A punk/hardcore lebal in Beijing, China.

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Track Name: Change Your Mind

You say you don't want to live like this
But if you ever try to think what you give
The only thing you have is your dream
Face the reality, you choose to close your eyes

Who are we? Where are we?
What are we living for? Why are we living in this way?
Take a look around and see the world
It's time to change your mind

No pain, no gain
You never know
No pain, no gain
What you need is just a dream to fade away

You work and work
Having no time to live a life you want to live
You never stop to waste your time
Creating values for others through your honesty

This is what you get, is this your life?
Don't expect others to change your life
Create the change you wish to see BY YOURSELF

No one can tell you what is right
No one can tell you what is wrong
You are who you are
You can judge everything by your fucking self

Do what you do (do what you think is right)
Say what you say (say what you think is right)


Track Name: Fuck What You Say
Feel so tired of what you speak
Your smile makes me sick, this is not your time
You never know what is respect, learn to think before you say
I will keep on my way and let you shut up

Who's the winner, that's all you care about
For me, i know why i'm here
Right or wrong, weak or strong
For the truth i will stand my ground x2

The bigger stage is your biggest dream
I know this dream will turn into the shit that you are playing into a better life
This is your competition, this is your game
You get everything, but you get nothing
For me it’s a fucking nightmare

You are not the winner
You are a fucking loser
You've lost from the start

Track Name: Still Young, Still Angry
Time flies but anger remains
But I‘’m still here
There‘’s no room to question it
I keep my mind clear
Never stop to think to create beliefs for myself
Follow my heart, follow my way
Like what I said, I love this game

The choice I’ve made
I have no regret
The way I choose to live
I have no regret

We‘’re overwhelmed with the pressures of life
Where is the dream, where is the passion
Can you believe what you've seen and heard
Try to think and never to accept

When this life turns into a lie
Will you feel so sad?

I feel that there is no ray of sun that comes through the clouds
I got a power to encourage me to scream and shout
Maybe, I can't change this fucked up world
But I can just keep doin' better and better
Stay true and never lose hope
Keep fighting for a better life

I know I’m getting older
Still doing my best for the future
Sometimes you think that I’m a loser
The strength inside drives me everyday

Don't be afraid to grow up
Don't be afraid to get old
Time heals nothing
We're still young, still angry
No regreat
We're still young, still angry
We walk the walk
Track Name: Keyboard Warrior
I’m sick of your poisoned tongues
You think you can win the game? But you never will
I’m sick of your poisoned tongues
Take your courage, let’s go face to face

You think you are violent?
You think you are strong?
You think you have a weapon?
You are fucking weak!

The social network has ruined your life
You seek the attention that you’ve never had in real life
Scrolling your mouse to find a battle field
Start a fight that you don’t know why

You fail in life
You’ve never looked at yourself you’re locked in a little world
You’re a coward
You blame everyone else, they owe you nothing

You would never say that negative bullshit to my face
Hiding behind the screen to make you feel brave
There is one thing that will never change
You piece of shit

You think you are violent?
You think you are strong?
You think you have a weapon?
You are fucking weak!
Keyboard warrior!

Your rage is fake
You’d better get away
Manifest your true nature
Be brave, nothing but a keyboard warrior

You piece of shit…
Track Name: Our City II
Thinking back on what I sung
A song about this city that I call home
I can feel what you feel
No matter what they say, we just sing along

Let's take a look what we got
The only question is "where the fuck am I"
Familiar city, with the familiar streets
We lost our direction, lost our way

We can't see the sky
We can't breathe the fresh air
All of actors wear masks and I can't see their smile

In the morning, I open the window
There is nothing outside but heavy smog
How did this happened?
Who's to blame
We lost sight of the city and just try to survive

I see it everyday, I live it everyday
Get used to it, it's reality
Life choices, breathe or die

The truth is everywhere but "no one knows"
No matter where I'm roam, Beijing will always be my home

What can you do?
What can I do?
Fight back and protect our home
We're in the Beijing state of mind
This is our city

Never trust the change on the outside
It comes from the inside out
Track Name: HARDCORE
Hardcore is my life
Hardcore Is my pride
I’ll never change my mind
Until the day I die

I don’t care what you think of me
Always keep my faith

Don’t forget your roots

Hardcore is my life
Hardcore is my pride
I’ll never change my mind
Until the day I die

This is my life
No turning back
I’m still here
Where I came from

This is my pride
Never give up
Say what I want
Do what I want

Hardcore is my life
Hardcore Is my pride
I’ll never change my mind
Until the day I die
Track Name: Two Simple Words
Nothing is changed, no progress
I don't wanna living in your lie
I know the bullshit you do behind my back
Your talk is cheap ×2

Listen up!
Who the fuck you think you are, Don't try to fool me, I have seen it all
In the name of power and greed
Honesty is what you need

I don't have time to play with you
Get the fuck out here, leave me alone
If you think this is what we live for
Don't count me in ×2

You deserve no respect
Two words for you, FUCK YOU

Youʼd better think for yourself
Leave me alone

Don't take your incompetence challenge to my bottom line
Look out! Here is my fist, ready to punch your fucking face!
Track Name: Stand As One
We don't mind if the times have changed
We kept our heads clear and that, we'll never change
Looking back, the decision we made was right
The way that we chose, MAKE US FEEL PRIDE

People come, people go
Friends we're made and, friends we're lost
We always try something we're passionate about
The same faith bring us together now

We all come from the same roots
Separation will never be a rule
We never betrayaed, this is the REAL DEAL
Being part of this thing
The fight has just begun

We must stick together

Oi! Oi! Oi!

Let’s hold on tight
This is the way of life
No matter what they say

Cheers to our friends, WE STAND AS ONE
Respect to our friends, WE STAND AS ONE ×4